Student Testimonials for the Online Certified Financial Planner Program

“The program through Greene Consulting and James Madison obviously works and I thank you and all the instructors for being there to help the students.”

Andy M.

“I thought this program was very well laid out. I liked being able to load the pdf’s on my phone or ipad. It was a great way for me to keep pace with my studies while traveling.  I know I got a lot out of this program and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone needing to meet the education requirement for CFP.”

Mike F.

“I really appreciate everything that the program offered me. From the material, to the resource accessibility, everything has been to my liking.”

Paul B.

“I had a great experience, got a better quality certificate for the best possible price, and passed the CFP Board exam on my first attempt!”

Joel from Jacksonville who works with a leading investment advisory firm

“The instruction is very well done, the course material is comprehensive but easy to understand, and the support is fantastic.”

Kathleen from Florida